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Extreme Convenience

Allow your customers to pay you any way they like credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, checks, and more.

Designed For You

Get a fully customized payments plan that suits your business’s unique needs, volume of payments, and customers.

Fast and Simple

No payment complications. No complex checks and verification. Get payments processed in as little as 1 working day.


Delight your customers with advanced services such as loyalty cards, gift cards, refunds, reconciliation, and more effortlessly.

MegaPay Gives You Complete Control Over Your Payments

We eliminate payment hassles, get rid of accounting risks, and help you receive your payments the way you want. Our bespoke payments solutions are designed to empower your business with low costs, high dependability, and exceptional speed. We deliver high-performance consistently.

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The Future of Payments

24-Hour Settlements

A robust, automated payments system processes all your payments in a matter of 1 working day.


Our valuable insights and reliable advice help your business maximize its productivity and unlock rapid growth

POS Solutions

From hardware POS terminals.


Yes. On most days, our processing time is 24 hours. However, during weekends or during holidays, the processing time may increase, effectively making it 1 working day.

Your plan is fully customized to your business’s unique needs. As your business needs change, we can change your plans to suit your growing needs.

We offer comprehensive accounting services that track each of your payments accurately. Accountability is the hallmark of our service.

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Swift and satisfactory customer support to address every query and every issue you encounter with your payments.

One-Stop Solution

Whether you need POS solutions, online payments solutions, or mobile payment solutions, we offer everything your business needs.

Evolved For You

Get speedy approval of applications, insights to drive your decision-making, advanced add-on payments services – everything to fuel your success.

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